BMI Type A – Mechanical tapping unit



  • Costs reduction for blank and threaded pieces
  • No more expensive secondary operation
  • Small investment for high performances
  • The rolling taphas higher breaking resistance instead of the cut thread
  • Tap life between 50000 and 300000 strokes (according to the tap dimension and the material type)
  • It can work to 200 strokes/min according to tap dimension and material type



This kind of tapping doesn’t cut the thread but rolls it into the pre-hole. This is a guarantee of better resistance to efforts and breakings.
Thanks to these rolling thread’s properties it’s no more necessary to create long threads for having better keeping, but it’s even possible to have shorter threads, sparing in die strokes and extending tap life. The following formula can be used to calculate the required thread depth:
h = 0.9 x D (Ø of the thread)


In order to get the best tap life we suggest to use an Intercom specific oil for rolling tap.

N=A/p A = Threading thickness
N = Number of threads
P = Thread pitch
Nm = N+K K = N° of lead-in turns
Y = Stroke for 1 turn
CF = Threading stroke
CF = Nm x Y Nm = Total number of tap turns for the threading operation


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