Lubrificating System


They spray lubricant under command as an instant spray, without air, so they are suitable instruments to lubricate a precise zone, just an example a very precise point like a threading, or a wider area like a sheet. At each spray the oil is so heavy that it doesn’t generate any fog. The particularity of these pumps is that they can dose the lubricating volume that is necessary to each press cycle and they can direction its way out through apposite nozzles, that create an homogeneous spray without air.

They are simple to install, to configure and to use. According to the different types of nozzles there can be rectilinear, conical or fan type spray.

An automatic lubrication in the dies and, in case of threading, directly on the taps, is a guarantee of long life and high performances. The operator won’t have to take care of the lubricating process, paying his whole attention to the quality of the production.
Presspray pumps are available in different types, according to the volume of oil required.

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