1.2343 with Allowance – 1030mm

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Hot forming tool steel

High toughness combined with high working hardness, high wear resis-tance, extremely good caloric conductibility, good tempering properties and extremely good air hardening, water cooling possible, nitrable, good polishing qualities. Suitable for eroding. Possibly pitted by corrosion

Range of application:
Hot forming tool steel for die casting, extrusion die, warm and cold shearing blades and other hot forming tools

PRÄZI – flat steel supplied:
Length 500 and 1030 mm with machining allowance, in plate form with square cross section and square dimensions, soft annealed max. 229 HB (max. 770 N/mm2)

Standard analysis:

C Si Cr Mo V
0,37 1,0 5,3 1,3 0,4 in %

Heat treatment data:

Stress-relief annealing: 650-680 °C
Soft annealing : 750-780 °C
Hardening: 1000-1030 °C
Quenching: Oil, air or warm bath
Tempering: 560 – 680 °C

Special heat treatment:
If the material is eroded or nitrified the tempering temperature has to be above the secondary hardness maximum. A double tempering is recommendable.

Präzi-flat steel with machining allowance
Tolerances: Thickness +0,25/0 mm, Width +0,40/0 mm, Length +20/- 20 mm

Square bar dimensions in mm
Tolerances for cross section +0,25/0 mm

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