1.2343 ESU with allowance – 500mm

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Material AISI H 11 ESR

Electro Slag Remelted Steel

High toughness combined with high working hardness, high wear resistance, extremely good caloric conductibility, good tempering properties and extremely good air hardening, water cooling possible, nitrable, good polishing qualities. Suitable for eroding. Possibly pitted by corrosion

Range of application:

Die casting, extrusion die, warm and cold shearing blades and other hot forming tools

The ESR version:

improved purity, homogeneity and toughness

PRÄZI – flat steel supplied:
Length 500 and 1030 mm with machining allowance, in plate form with square cross section and square dimensions, soft annealed max.229 HB

(max. 770 N/mm2)

Standard analysis:
C Si Cr Mo V
0,37 1,0 5,3 1,3 0,4 in %
Heat treatment data:
Stress-relief annealing: 650 – 680 °C
Soft annealing: 750 – 780 °C
Hardening: 1000 – 1030 °C
Quenching: Oil, air or warm bath

Tempering: 530 – 680 °C

Special heat treatment:
If the material is eroded or nitrified the tempering temperature has to be above the secondary hardness maximum. A double tempering is recommendable
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