Interchangeability of all Bushes

The cutting technique requires a strict observance of the clearance between the punch and matrix: this is not possible if the guiding ofthe plates are not precise. INTERCOM precision sliding guides satisfy these requirements and give you the possibility to choose between various types of guide bushes with interchangeability depending on your need.


Bronze sliding Guides N 081 – N 084 – N 085 – N 320 – N 322 – N323 – N 420 – N 421 – N 422 – N9047 – N9147
Guide with high capacity to high speed work. The bronze layer guarantees maximum stability of transverse stress and the dissipation of heat caused by high speed.

Auto-Lubricate Guides N 091 – N 094 – N095 – N324 – N326 -N327- N426- N427-N428
INTERCOAT is a process that coats the metal surfaces. By a mechanical pretreatment, the surface of the material is cleaned in depth. This enables the fluoropolymer to be deeply anchored to the substrate with high anti-wea r, anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties The coeffcient of friction is between 0.05 and 02.

Precision Ball Bearing Guides N 062 – N 063 – N 064 – N 065 – N 066 – N 316 – N 318 – N 319 – N 410 – N 418 – N 418S – N 419 – N 419S
Ball bearing guides is suitable ifyou need quick  and short cycles, for the production of large series, for high precision. When it is necessary to disassemble the mold-freq uently and when it becomes impossible to grease. Have many advantages including smooth travel, very low friction, high wear resistance, low energy absorption and require no maintenance. A greasing is only need after a long time. Very low risk of seizure even in the absence of lubrication.

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