The electronic tapping unit is a unit that can make threading operations inside the dies and in special settings, in a very easy and simple way, in complete autonomy, and independently from the stroke of the die.

It works with a brushless motor and with a servo driver that control each threading step. Just one start is enough to make the threading autonomy and quickly, always with the possibility to regulate the velocity and the threading depth. It is also possible to control that the threading has been properly done.

Electronic tapping machines according to the INTERCOM patent no. EP06117721.8 guarantee versatility that competing products do not have. SL2005.1, SL2005.2 and SL2005.2S machines are able to thread a range from M2 up to M12 changing only the rolling taps.
Respectively the SL2005.1 400W machine allows to manage threads from M2 to M5, the 750W SL2005.2 machine handles threads from M8-M10 while the SL2005.2 “S” machine handles threads from M8 to M12 even on tough steels.

The electronic tapping machines are driven by a TOUCH SCREEN control panel that can be SINGLE for the management of a single-threading or by a CONSOLE capable of managing up to a maximum of 8 machines at the same time.
This versatility allows us to respond to all the cases that may arise immediately and to be able to re-adapt to new future conditions, for other processes.

For an evaluation of speed, number of strokes per minute or special cases, we invite you to get in touch with us by submitting your specific situation. Our technical office will be happy to give you advice.

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